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Post  larry on Wed Sep 03, 2008 11:38 pm


Ok, I'll finally jump in here with a Doretti's calves!
Cathie Borden

Too funny... Doretti.. HA
Isn't it strange how you have these flashbacks.... I get flashbacks of drivers training, when we were driving the cars and had to go to that traffic circle in Long Beach. Everytime I am in a traffic circle, no matter where it is, it takes me back to Long Beach.
When my girls were getting their drivers license, we had to pay for them to take the behind the wheel portion. Didn't know how easy we had it back then.
This memory is from the days in Rossmoor on a Friday Night. We would search Rossmoor for Steve Roberts ('71) car. He was always at someones house. Thinking back, I think it was Karen McClellan, Ruth Schliskey, Debbie Greenberg, Shelia Dyer, Carol Messer, my sister Becky and myself. We would ALWAYS find his car, then we would put it in neutral and push it around the block somewhere. Sometimes maybe further than that! Then he started locking it, but we always found a way in.
Janet Fritz

The California Jam.....AH yes. I went to the first one,I think. Emerson, Lake and Palmer headlined that one, and Black Sabboth (YEECK) was "there", the Eagles, Seals and Crofts, Jackson Brown, and I can't remember who else. Did anyone go to that? (Well, someone must have, since there were 200,000 there, unless it was a halusination) <-- sp. ? Hey Bec, did you go to that one???
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